Tuesday, September 05, 2006

5 - September 2006

We had a lazy morning and a late start, but we still managed to soak a lot of Sydney into our day. As usual, we set out on foot. This is a great walking city--the signage is clear, the streets are easy to navigate, and there are lots of convenient foot paths for avoiding busy thoroughfares. It's next to impossible to get lost in Sydney! It's also apparently a great motorcycle city--from the looks of the bike-lined streets in the high-rise areas, that's the way many corporate folks travel!

Our first destination was the lively Darling Harbour. That's where we ran into Carol and Judy, two dressed-to-the-hilt, beaded and bedazzled, smokey ladies who looked to be straight off the plane from Vegas. Turns out they're Australians visiting Sydney from The Gold Coast, and they took an apparent liking to us. We now have Carol's calling card (a color-printed photo of her waving to the camera under three clip-art spotlights with nothing but her name and phone numbers) so we can ring them when we arrive in Brisbane later on our holiday; they want us to day-trip it to the Gold Coast so they can drive us around, take us to their yacht club, and show us all the best sights. What a hoot!

We then ventured to Chinatown, where we lunched outside on an eatery-heavy alleyway and finished the meal off with treats from the traditional Chinese bakery next door. There looks to be a thriving Chinese population in Sydney.

(That's quite a hula-hooping getup!)

Then we stepped into the tranquil Chinese Garden of Friendship at the southern end of Darling Harbour. A joint project between the Guangdong province in China and New South Wales, the traditional garden is an absolute oasis amidst the bustling city. We meandered around ornate pavilions, graceful bridges, glassy carp ponds, rushing waterfalls, and dramatic rock forms chosen for their likeness to animals (Sawyer and Sadie, check out the rocks below--what do they look like to you?)--each deliberately located, meaningful, and beautiful.

After enjoying tea at the garden teahouse, we continued to explore Darling Harbour. Sawyer, the tugboat made us think of your book, "I'm Mighty!"

We packed up a yummy takeaway sushi dinner from "Sushi Go-Round" for back at the hotel, and we discovered our new favorite drinks: Nudies! If only they had these in America--billed as "a day's fruit in every bottle," they're sugar-, additive-, and preservative-free, and they contain nothing but super-tasty combinations of pressed, crushed, mashed, and squeezed fruits.

It's early to bed and early to rise tomorrow--we leave in the morning for the outback!


Kimbocita said...

You guys have the BEST blog. I love all the pictures and commentary. It looks AMAZING!

We had a GREAT time with the kids! They are so good and fun! A funny story... last night, we had dinner with our neighbors. They asked how it was with the kids. One neighbor said they heard only one thing: "Sadie was crying in the hallway. When you (Kim) asked her why she was crying Sadie said, 'It's because of YOU!!!'" How embarrassing/hilarious is that! (Just to clarify - she was crying b/c she wanted to stay at our apartment and I was making her get back in the car to go to Novato.... yeah, that's what happended.)

Hope you guys are great!!

10:36 AM  
reednose said...

You two are certainly packing in a lot of sights in your travels. Thanks for sharing those photos, even though they take forever to pass along. I especially like hearing about the different foods you eat! I was surprised to hear it is so cold in Tassie.
Evan is not liking first grade- poor guy. Each day is a struggle.
Soccer is in full swing as of this week! Maya is back in gymnastics and loving it. She has a new little friend Kaleah whom I watch one day a week- so cute!

8:04 PM  
Amson said...

I hope you are enjoying the Outback! The nudie drinks look so good!!! You are doing a wonderful job blogging your adventure ... thanks for sharing. I also love hearing about "baby" what a perfect time to make him/her self known.

8:05 PM  
ellen said...

I finally made it to our little post office today to pick up a parcel from "Ikedas" that our carrier had left a note about at least a week ago. Mary Emma is 8 months old today, but it arrived just in time! We stopped at Tastee-Freeze for ice cream cones. I always leave the keys in the van and someone must've hit the lock button. Four kids, by myself, locked out. The cardboard Priority Mail envelope slid right inside the tiny crack of the window and was just long and stiff enough. With baby on hip I manuevered it just so, and the weight of the book inside was enough to depress the unlock button! Saved by the Ikedas all the way from Australia!

oh and I didn't realize that there were comments for each day and posted a happy anniversary comment way back on day 1! Sorry about that; sound like it was wonderful though!

4:43 PM  
franzen family said...

Why don't we have nudies in the US...they look really yummy. Other countries have so many tastier drinks than we do. Drink a tasty one for me. :)

2:11 PM  

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