Thursday, September 28, 2006

28 - September 2006 (yet 24 hours later!)

After five whole weeks Down Under, we felt so heart-fluttering close to being home when we boarded the first plane...and yet so bloody far as the in-flight hours stretched on until we could finally hug our little ones! But every leg of travel went smoothly (from Los Angeles to San Francisco, we were just a seat away from soccer legend Mia Hamm!), and we're beyond happy to be back where we belong.

Grandma, Granddad, Sawyer, and Sadie couldn't have been a more welcome sight at the airport. It was an emotional homecoming--we weren't sure Sadie would ever let go, nor did we want her to--and that moment marked the indisputable, absolute highlight of our entire vacation. Afterward, we all savored a hearty Italian dinner in the City, along with Auntie Kimbo and Uncle Brook (whose faithful following of our blog made catching up effortless!).

Now we're so busy loving on these goofy, wonderful kids of ours that we hope you'll forgive us for wrapping up the blog without fanfare. Suffice to say it was an extraordinary, rejuvenating, and unforgettable holiday, and we are eager to return to Australia and New Zealand--with three young Ikedas in tow next time--to revisit our favorite destinations and discover new ones together. We feel endlessly blessed (and forever indebted to Grandma and Granddad, kidsitters extraordinaire!) to have experienced so much beauty, to have shared time with so many warm and witty people, and to have been reminded of just how much Mike and I truly delight in one another's company.


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