Tuesday, September 26, 2006

26 - September 2006

We left Wanaka early and traveled the twisty, snow-capped Crown Range to the old gold-mining settlement of Arrowtown. Many of the town's original buildings still exist, and the main street retains its historic charm. After breakfast and exploring, we were off to Queenstown, "the adventure capital of the world."

We'd planned to jet boat on the Shotover River, but it's not advised for pregnant women, so we'll have to catch that thrill next time.

Now surely your parents have asked you at one point or another: "If someone told you to go jump off a bridge, would you?" Well, Mike apparently would. And as of today, he has! Yep, this afternoon Mike bungy jumped (they spell it bungy here--and they ought to know, since these guys originated the sport) 43 meters (that's 142 feet) off of Kawarau Bridge, the recognized world's first bungy site. And he's got the certificate, video, photos, and been-there-done-that t-shirt to prove it!

He did great--he didn't look panicked, and he dove like he meant it. (We'd seen a t-shirt yesterday that read, "I'd rather be scared to death than bored to death," and I guess Mike took the message to heart!) The bungy operator was even impressed--he said Mike's was a "powerful dive" and "really well controlled." When my nerves settled, I was really proud of Mike, who is now, according to the official, signed certificate, "more than your Average Joe." But I always knew that.

Bungy jumping isn't advised for pregnant women, either, so I was merely a spectator this time around. While I was ever-so-slightly jealous of the adrenaline rush and joy Mike experienced, I mostly thank our baby-to-be for letting me off the hook, totally guilt and shame free. (Where's the "Baby-on-board saved me from jumping" t-shirt, anyway?)

A phonecall to the kids (always a highlight of a day!), an $86-fillup of gas (eegads!), a stroll through Queenstown, and a fine meal later, we were at Brown's Boutique Hotel, a friendly little place tucked on a hill and overlooking Lake Wakatipu, where we'll rest our heads for the night.

--In Australia, an "entree" is not an entree as we know it--it's an appetizer (and an entree is called a "main"). In New Zealand, an appetizer is called a "starter," and a "main" is still a "main."

Favorite signs of the day:

(Presumably windy area ahead?!)

(Marking the women's restroom at AJ Hackett Bungy site)


Sonya said...

Ha ha--I have the exact same "Wanted Dead or Alive" photo of me!

7:02 AM  
ellen said...

That really did look like a powerful dive! Wahoooooo!

12:49 PM  
NYMomLynne said...

Okay, I'm loving that you can update daily as I look often. I also just realized that if you click on the photos they get bigger. This helped when I was showing Ryan Mike's bungy jump. Very impressive!

2:09 PM  
Dina said...

Okay, I've never met Mike but have heard many wonderful things about him. But I have to say (with affection and complete admiration) Mike - you're NUTS!!!


6:51 AM  
Dina said...

I didn't realize you could view the pics larger by clicking on them either. So I just did, and I think Mike is even more nuts!! In the fourth one down in looks like he's got a Superman emblem on the back of his shirt? Very fitting if that's what it is!!


6:55 AM  
Sonya said...

Oh Dina, I thought that same thing about the superman shirt!! (And we all know he must have one, right?)

8:01 AM  
JenLouie said...

I love your blog! You should be a travel writer... would give you an excuse in a few years when you go back with all your little ones in tow! Great photos and great little tidbits about your daily adventures, truly an enjoyable read. I'm already dreading the end of your trip, as I already anticipate withdrawal. I think you will need to start a blog on your family adventures - with a 3rd child on the way, there are sure to be plenty of fun and funny stories to share! (when you get home, remind me to send you my cousin's blog, she's got 3 little monsters, and it's certainly a circus!)

1:21 PM  
Amson said...

I loved seeing Mike Bungy Jump! I have jumped twice with AJ Hackett. I keep my frequent jumper card in my wallet! :) Of course my jumps have all been state side. Alisa I was 6 weeks pregnant with Samuel the last time I jumped! I love all the photos.


8:32 PM  

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