Thursday, September 21, 2006

21 - September 2006

We spent the better part of the morning visiting camera repair shops and telephoning our traveler's insurance--our digital SLR bit the dust, and it looks like we'll have to be without it for the remainder of the trip. We're just sick about this, because New Zealand is more picturesque and breathtaking than anywhere we've ever seen! At least we have our trusty little point-and-shoot digital camera (never fear, the blog will go on).

As we made our way to Abel Tasman National Park for the afternoon, we drove past open artist studios, vineyards and wineries, olive groves, fruit orchards, and, of course, fields of sheep.

Say, remember when I said the tender-eyed kiwi were camera-shy? Well, this one ain't!

We also enjoyed the art along the marshland (this was just one of the many entertaining images and words spelled out in rocks...graffiti of sorts!).

We arrived too late to take a water taxi or hire a kayak to fully experience the Abel Tasman, but we covered what little we could on foot before visiting more beaches and countryside on the way back to The Honest Lawyer for a great sunset, room-service dinner, a quick load of laundry, and a good night's sleep.

Favorite signs of the day:

(The Class of 1857 must have longevity in the genes, eh?!)


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