Friday, September 15, 2006

15 - September 2006

We breakfasted in our room on kiwi, cereal, and milk. We've found that we love Australian Kellogg's Nutri-Grain cereal. We've also found that Australians have somehow successfully avoided the anti-carb kick (how refreshing!)--we haven't encountered any low-carb bursts on food items, and in fact, many Australian labels actually hype "carbo's" as a great energy source. (And from what we've seen, they are a relatively slim nation.)

After breakfast, we cuddled a koala! He was a lightweight (it was a bit like holding a clingy baby, only with giant claws!), and his fur was a little scratchier than it looks. But what fun! There's a Koala Gallery on the island, and though it's quite small, they have beautiful grounds and more than just koalas--you can also see crocodiles, cassowaries, kangaroos, and lots of striking birds.

(I'm not sure why the koala looks so frantic in Mike's arms!)

(Must be my motherly ways--he seems much more at ease now, no?)

We lunched at yet another poolside restaurant today, and then we headed to the Internet center to upload the last couple of blogs. While we prefer the convenience of Internet access in our rooms (and may indeed use that as our most discriminating factor when choosing accommodations for future vacations), we've very much enjoyed visiting Internet centers throughout Australia. It's a great way to meet locals (and quite amusing to peek in on what they're into online--we've seen some rather funny eBay purchases, and MySpace is hot here, too!).

Then we walked the island some more before it started down-pouring (today was warm but overcast--the sun only peeked through for a few minutes in the late afternoon) and headed back to our bungalow (there was a flock of flying foxes/bats overhead!), armed with a new set of movies, a fresh batch of popcorn, and a few bakery-fresh chicken pies for dinner (good for sure, but not a whole lot better than a frozen pot pie from an American grocery store, I'm sorry to report!). There's a wedding going on somewhere nearby (probably the quaint island chapel; we've seen lots of tuxedo-clad men with boutonnieres heading up the hill), so we hope the rain brings the couple luck and that the sun poked in just as they were exchanging vows.


franzen family said...

you are looking kinda pregnant in that picture :) The boobs are a giveaway (is that appropriate for this blog? :)) Has anyone guessed yet? Glad to hear sawyer is ok!

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