Thursday, September 14, 2006

14 - September 2006

After we were safely tucked into bed, it stormed most of the night. It was toasty and cozy in our little bungalow as we listened to the sound of the pouring rain on the tin roof. Every time the winds stopped howling, the birds in the trees outside our back windows went crazy. We haven't identified them yet, but they make the most peculiar bird calls! Some sound like women screaming and wailing, some like the recorders kids learn to play in the 4th grade, some a highly exaggerated cackling (we've definitely heard some kookaburras in the mix), and some whistle, warble, and chirp. The crickets and frogs were plenty chatty, too.

By morning, it was miraculously sunny and warm again, and the earth smelled especially fresh after the overnight cleanse. You can do everything here (go-kart, hang glide, play golf or mini golf, fish, kayak, sail, water ski, jet ski, island hop, snorkel the Reef, go on a helicopter ride, hike, play bingo, take a painting class...), or you can do nothing. We're very much enjoying the "nothing" option.

We were scheduled to cruise to the famous and pristine Whitehaven Beach today, but the waters looked a little too choppy for our liking, so we cancelled our reservation (the moment I told them I was pregnant, they agreed it was really the only decision and we deserved a full refund!). Instead, we strolled the beach and grounds, picked up fruit, cheese, and chocolate at the general store, read books, watched movies, and breathed in the island air from the lounge chairs on our front porch. We're planning more of the same all evening. Heaven!


Sonya said...

Yay, you're in my neck of the woods now! You'll be pleased to know that there was, and continues to be, public outcry over the high rise buildings on Hamilton Is. Ask any local (other than those living on Hamilton Is.) and they'll tell you all about it. We have several close friends living on the island.

I'm *so* bummed that you are going to miss Whitehaven--you will just HAVE to go back!

Oh, while you're there, there is a little island just off it still for sale?


Have a great time guys! Next you're off to my college town and then NZ--the other half of my geneology--and I'm going to predict that you'll love it!


11:59 PM  

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