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As a reader, I'm drawn to pieces that elicit a chuckle, a knowing nod, an "aha!" moment, and perhaps the occasional tearing up. As a writer for national and regional consumer magazines, I simply deliver what I want to read.
An admitted Internet addict, I see the World Wide Web as a living library. It's a dynamic resource for 24-7 news, information, entertainment, camaraderie, and inspiration. It's also filled with all too much shoddy writing and unreliable content.
I'm not responsible for any of that.
Firmly rooted in the book publishing industry, I am always eager to lend my talents and passions to promising book projects. I enjoy researching, ghostwriting, developmental editing, and collaborating with authors on books and book proposals.
Having worked in-house on everything from acquiring and editing manuscripts to planning and implementing marketing campaigns to managing and promoting backlist titles, I am uniquely poised to bridge author to audience. I've written cover copy for hundreds of fiction and nonfiction books on all manner of topics and genres, and I consider it a great privilege and tremendous fun to conspire with authors, publishers, and designers to create nothing less than the very finest package for each and every title.
Copywriting allows me to combine my wordsmithing skills with my conceptual thinking and marketing expertise. I get a kick out of working with clients to put forth professional, credible, imaginative copy that’s enticing and influential without being sales-pitchy—crisp copy that makes an impact.
Have laptop, will travel! For friends, for family, and for my own amusement and future reminiscing—as well as to indulge that wicked urge to gloat about being somewhere fabulously out of the ordinary—travel blogs capture the spirit of our too-rare but plenty memorable vacations.