Infant Massage

Infant massage empowers “fresh” parents—first-timers and seasoned moms and dads with new babies—with simple, practical tools for experiencing less stress and more confidence, competence, and joy in parenting.

A mother of three, I know firsthand how demanding and overwhelming new parenthood can be. It’s a breath-taking, mind-boggling, life-altering adventure. My infant massage classes are just what you crave and deserve at this profound time: a calming and refreshing come-as-you-are, do-as-you-will space for babies and their caregivers to feel pampered and loved.

While it’s easy to learn and entirely enjoyable, there’s nothing frivolous about infant massage. Research has proven that it:

  • Relieves colic, gas, and constipation
  • Minimizes fussiness and discomfort from teething, congestion, and stress
  • Promotes relaxation and deeper sleep
  • Introduces body awareness
  • Reduces muscle tension and boosts muscle tone
  • Regulates and strengthens the circulatory, immune, digestive, and nervous systems
  • Enhances verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Deepens caregiver-baby bonding and attachment
  • Increases confidence and pleasure in parenting

What you learn in my classes—including not only the strokes and massage routines but the insight into child development; the value of relaxing and being fully present and responsive to your baby; the focus on listening to her, attuning to her cues, and distinguishing her many cries and expressions; and the respect you show and trust you earn by asking permission and communicating wholly and affectionately with touch, voice, face, and heart—will serve your relationship with your child for a lifetime.